Free Ride…

Heidi Rewell

Free Ride…

Let it all go, to be free,

The truck needed gas
As she let go of the past,
And learned something new today
Tomorrow is always… just a breath away,

(Musical interlude)

The radio played
Some forgotten song,
One more radar
Lover gone,
Because the night
Belongs to lovers,

(Back to the story)

The morning kissed a new sky
As the moon quietly
Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow
It will soon
Be here…

To be free, let it all go…


Heidi Rewell


Passion…Not Everyone Can Carry the Weight of the World

Heidi Rewell

Passion…Not Everyone Can Carry the Weight of the World

I would guess…
When the magic walked out the door
The passion did too,
What else… did Passion
Have to do?

I can’t say that I remember, how it felt
The rush, the flush, the warming glow
Of being the first to know
We were in love,
All gone too long now.

For the most parts, we all keep busy
Putting food on the table and a roof over our heads,
Milk and beer in the refrigerator
Socks and shoes under our beds.

Sunshine used to be enough,
Enough reason to get out of bed,
As adventure and discovery would have its place
If I worked hard and I stayed in the race,
I hope for most, this is true.

A person has to make their own luck
Even when the cardboards are bare,
When the magic is gone
And you are the only one who cares.

A little victory, now and then, can’t hurt
Like the Chicago Cubs winning a World Series or two,
The passion may return… what else
Would Passion have to do…?


Heidi Rewell


20384478119_7482f14935_o_Snapseed Illustration by Heidi Rewell


When I was a young guy
I used to know porn stars by name,
I loved Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn
I wonder if they were sisters… just the same,

Marilyn Chambers and Nina Hartley,
Christy Canyons and Seka, Serena and Sharon Mitchell,
They were many more, I just forget,
They adorned the covers of sex magazines
And Tracy Lords tried to go legit,

They kept me up nights more often
Than the girl next door,
As she would come later
As I would before,

I was buying
What they were sellin’,
In the business of hardcore lovin’
Was Ginger Lynn Allen…


19413361700_acbaf73f88_o_Snapseed Illustration by Heidi Rewell


072515baraboobigtopcircus parade 315_Snapseed


I dreamed
I was a tiger
Stalking you as you slept,
Waiting for the darkness to set us free,
It was your breath
I wanted to take away
And it was your innocence that saved you
Until you were ready to surrender to me,
I wanted to show you my power
My strength, my soul in my beating heart
As it pounded in my chest,
Time never stops
Until then,
I dreamed
I was a tiger….


Looking Into You

17220826226_b217a4aaf3_o_Snapseed Illustration by Heidi Rewell

Looking Into You…

I could measure the space between your
Shoulder blades with my appreciative sigh,
An innocent track of country,
And the time I could spend exploring the valley of
Your lower back could span a lifetime.
And if I could trace a straight line
From right here to right there,
Would you ever forgive me
Or forget me?
And if my lips found yours as the clock struck midnight
Would we live forever
Under the falling skies…?


17220824046_b549fec3b9_o_Snapseed Illustration by Heidi Rewell

I Like

15908084923_41d647d5fa_o_Snapseed Illustration by Heidi Rewell

I Like…

(Words that began with the letter P)

I like pineapple
I like purple
I like pussy,
I would like a parachute if I was jumping out of a plane,

I like petunias
I like potatoes
I like doing pushups,
I would like pink panties on my pretty girlfriend if she would
Let me take them off her with my tongue and not complain,

(That I’m taking too long)

I like the Poconos
I like Pictured Rocks,
I like pianos
And plaid socks,

(Not really, but it rhymes)

My girlfriend likes my penis
Well, I hope she does,
I never call my cock a penis
I wonder who does?

I like pussy
But I think I said that already…


16340576248_de84ef34f9_o_Snapseed Illustration by Heidi Rewell

Hello I Love You

080112 737_Snapseed

Hello I Love You…

Love starts with hope
and then a hello,
like a waterfall it builds with anticipation,
Love starts with a whisper
and then a knowing smile
like a wild rock river it knows no boundaries,
Love starts with a kiss
and then many, many more kisses
like wild flowers growing in the spring, they excite all the senses,
Love starts with a union
and becomes engaging, advance and then surrender
Like a morning tide kissing the beach again and again,
Love starts with hope
and then a hello…